Kalamazoo Department of Public safety warns not to leave your car running unattended as two were stolen by teens overnight.

It may be legal to warm up your car in your driveway but it might not be a good idea. On February 1, Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety reported 2 thefts of unattended vehicles left running to warm up.

The first incident occurred around 7:30pm in the 1000 block of W Paterson and was witnessed by the victim who called the police right away. Several officers were in the area at the time of the call and quickly located the stolen vehicle at a business less than a block away.

The second incident occurred around 10:00pm in the 2600 block of Heatherdowns and was witnessed by a bystander. The police were called immediately and again officers were in the area and located the vehicle in an apartment complex nearby. The occupants of the vehicle fled on foot with one suspect arrested. A 17 year old male from Kalamazoo was lodged at the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Department on multiple charges. Two additional suspects were not located.


This is a crime wave that could not have happened during a heat wave.

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