A Cass County Sheriff's deputy saved a dog after falling through the ice herself during the initial rescue attempt.

In a time where we feel divided, here's a local story with a happy ending that we can all feel good about. The look on Leo the dog's face says it all. Grateful! Cass County Sheriff Richard J Behnke relays the harrowing details of the rescue saying that deputies of the Cass County Sheriff's Office responded to a call for help in the 56000 block of White Temple Road in Penn Township on Wednesday, January 20th.

The caller advised Cass County Dispatch that a dog had fallen through the ice in a pond and was unable to get out. Deputy Taryn Shields responded to the scene and found the dog was struggling to stay above water. Deputy Shields went out onto the ice and rescued the dog. In the effort to rescue the dog, Deputy Shields also went through the ice.

Despite having fallen through herself, Deputy Shields was able to get a hold of Leo the dog and safely return to shore.

Cass County Sheriff Richard J Behnke notes that as you can see in the photos, both Deputy Sheilds and Leo the dog have since warmed up and are both doing well.

Courtesy of the Cass County Sheriff's Office
Courtesy of the Cass County Sheriff's Office
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