On a day when movies and TV alike confront a bit of self-doubt in over-stuffing superhero films and retreading major classics, this industry is nothing, if not consistent. Next up for the remake treatment is Neil Simon classic 'The Odd Couple' for CBS, starring perennial 'Friends' castoff Matthew Perry, and another to be named later!

Deadline broke the news, specifically that Perry will star as the messy Oscar Madison, executive producing the multi-camera project and co-writing with 'Mad About You' writer Danny Jacobson. For those unfamiliar with the idea, 'The Odd Couple' began in 1965 Broadway as a Neil Simon play with Walter Matthau as Oscar and Art Carney as mismatched roommate Felix, becoming a 1968 film with Jack Lemmon and 1970 TV series with Jack Klugman and Tony Randall.

For his part, Perry's two most recent TV comebacks have fizzled, first with ABC's 'Mr. Sunshine' and most recently with NBC's 'Go On,' though the former 'Friends' star had attempted to get 'The Odd Couple' off the ground for years:

Ever since seeing the movie The Odd Couple when I was 10 years old, it has been a dream for me to play Oscar Madison. To be given the opportunity to develop a modern version of it for CBS has put a permanent smile across my face. I met up with a wonderful writing partner in Danny Jacobson.

We both have such a passion for the source material that we have instantly become obsessed with making this great. Plus, I think it’s time for me to be in front of a live audience again. I miss that. The search for Felix Ungar is on!

Seems a bit self-serving to us, but what say you? Could Matthew Perry finally find post-'Friends' success with an 'Odd Couple' remake for CBS? What classic sitcoms do you think could make for successful modern reboots?

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