It's nice to have an extra gym in town.  The historic Battle Creek Central Fieldhouse will be come home for the KCC Bruins, as the old Miller Gym is knocked down to make way for a new facility.  The San Union Building was built by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg in 1928, as a gym for Battle Creek Sanitarium employees and for large events.   Henry Ford once led square dances there.  In 1960, it was remodeled at a cost of $258,000 and became the Battle Creek Central High School Fieldhouse.  While that great old building lives on, a much younger building has outlived its usefulness.

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After 50 years of operation, Kellogg Community College has closed its storied Miller Physical Education Building, which will be demolished and replaced.  They'll start tearing it down next month and hope to have the new gym open in the fall of 2018.



As of December 13th, all home KCC athletic events are happening at the Battle Creek Central Fieldhouse, 162 Champion St., Battle Creek.

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Beginning with KCC's Spring 2017 semester, which begins Jan. 13, select physical education classes will be held at the Battle Creek YMCA Multi-Sports Center, 182 Capital Ave. NE, Battle Creek.

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The YMCA partnership will also include aerobics and weight room space in the Multi-Sports Center, allowing for free open workout time for KCC students when classes aren't in session. Additionally, KCC students taking nine or more credit hours will have the opportunity to sign up for a YMCA membership for a reduced rate of $10 per month - half the cost of a regular student membership.