Getting married in the dead of winter can't be an easy thing, especially when you live in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, but one family did everything it took to make it through the winter weather to make the couple's special day happen. The wedding took place at the Central Mine Methodist Church in Central Mine, MI, a ghost town about 20 miles north of Mohawk. The announcement was made on Friday February 19th, as they revealed why this wedding in particular is such a historic occasion: might not have heard...but Central Mine is having a wedding tomorrow!! The wedding party has trudged in over the deep decorate the little preparation of tomorrow's joyous event...for what we believe...will be Central Mines first winter wedding in over a century.
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A quick search of this church located almost at the tip of Michigan's most northern point on the Keweenaw Peninsula, shows just how how much history is involved pertaining to getting married in this area:
Central's residents were justly proud of its church. Long before a church was built, as early as 1856, worship services were being conducted in the schoolhouse on the east side of town. Those first services were conducted by the Reverend David A. Curtis who was attached to the Portage Lake Missions. Construction of a church was begun in 1868.

The Wedding Ceremony

On the day before the wedding, the party and their family had to brave the brutal Michigan weather to set up the church for their big day.

A Pure Upper Peninsula Wedding

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