Centreville Public Schools wants to make sure their 2020 seniors get the traditional rights of passage that graduating classes before them have enjoyed.

While it has seemed that this year's graduating seniors would be unceremoniously proceeding into adulthood without the pomp and fanfare graduating classes before them enjoyed, schools throughout Michigan are finding new ways to celebrate.

Just days ago, Centreville Public Schools announced tentative dates for "Senior Week". The week will kick-off with Senior Prom and end with a Graduation Ceremony and is peppered with staples such as  Senior Awards and Picnic throughout the week.

Centreville is a smaller community. A village, in fact, so holding "Senior Week" in July may be a more feasible option for them than for other school districts.

In a world full of canceled events and isolation, it's refreshing to share that for at least one school, some things will remain the same.

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