As Channel 3 viewers tuned in Tuesday evening to watch another round of endless and depressing “Bug News”, they were treated to a very funny moment.    Anchor Erica Mokay was broadcasting from home and got caught off guard by a technical glitch.  The station was airing a lengthy and informative report about the COVID-19 virus hitting Plainwell meat-packing company.  As the report ended, Mokay’s computer gear started to freeze up.  She glanced up at the TV monitor, and suddenly realized that she was unknowingly on the air live.   Her facial expression was priceless!

Mokay explained what happened on her WWMT Facebook Page.

“The joys of working from home...When I realized my system was about to freeze, I immediately knew what would follow would not be good... Panic sets in.  You'll then see me look up to my television... I was looking to see if my producers held the graphic on camera. From my perspective they did, but silly television (and yours) is on a 5-10 second delay.  Then, while not realizing I'm STILL ON camera, I make a face that is SO ERICA it hurts, but I was attempting to signal to my producers that I had lost my scripts and needed them to keep the graphic on-screen.  Unfortunately, it was too late. They didn't hold the graphic.  At that point, I make the choice to approach my computer which is at least 6 feet away and also in sleep mode, not to mention I am tethered to my chair by at least 4 different cords...  It wasn't pretty, but it was live TV.   At least we can all laugh... even if it's at my expense.”

Erica Mokay on WWMT-TSM

What made it special was Mokay’s demeanor when she returned a few minutes later to do the “You might have noticed” schpeel that Channel 3 anchors are asked to read way too often.  Her charming rendition told us a lot.  She was a bit embarrassed but saw the humor in what had happened.   Not too many broadcasters would have the poise to do it in such a genuine way.   Talk about turning lemons into lemonade!    A slew of comments on the Facebook page echoed the reaction in our living room.   It was the highlight of our day and a much-needed laugh.  Thanks, Erica for that, and also thanks to Channel 3 for doing a great job covering the news in some challenging situations.

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