Below is an awesome gallery of 25 photos of Charlotte, going back from 1889 to the 1940s.

Before you peruse, here are some quikfax about Charlotte:

1) George Barnes bought this piece of government land in 1832.

2) Edmond Bostwick bought Barnes' land in 1835, selling off portions of the land to partners – Misters Cochran, Harris, and Lawrence. Those four gentlemen created the village and named it after Bostwick's wife, Charlotte. Now this makes me wonder: did she pronounce her name “Shar-LOTT” or “SHAR-lut”? We may never know how the pronunciation came about.

3) First post office began operating in 1838.

4) Became incorporated in 1863.

5) Was also called “Eaton Centre” and “Carmel”, presumably because the eastern half of Charlotte was in Eaton Township, the west half in Carmel Township.

6) Became a city in 1871.

Now, after that quick briefing, take a look at some historic Charlotte photos in the following gallery!


Vintage Nashville, Michigan

Vintage Idlewild

Vintage Okemos

Ghost Town of Merle Beach

Michigamme, Michigan

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