It's the time of year to help prevent Battle Creek roads from falling apart.

The City announced that the chip seal program will begin on July 29th in an effort to extend the life of some of the most traveled roads in the Cereal City. The funding is part of the Federal Highway Administration funding program, and the contract through the Michigan Department of Transportation. While several roads will be affected, it will only cause intermittent lane closures during the process.

The first projects will deal with crack filling that will take a week, weather permitting, causing partial lane closures. Once the cracks are fill, crews can begin chip sealing - a liquid asphalt and small stone chips to the top of the roadway, followed by a fog seal and another layer of asphalt. The crack filling will prevent the cracks to widen and spread, keeping water out. That will help the road life last another two to three years. The chip seal will extend the life of the road for five to six years.

In some areas, there will also be the replacement and upgrades of sidewalk ramps to fall in line with the Americans with Disabilities Act. These projects are supposed to last through the month of August.

Here are the roads involved in the project (view interactive map above) --

- Capital Avenue Southwest from Beckley Road to the City limit
- Elm Street from East Michigan to Cliff Street
- Glenn Cross Road from Capital Avenue Southwest to M-66
- Jackson Street from Angell Street to Stringham Road
- Stringham Road from Jackson Street to West Michigan
- North Avenue from East Roosevelt to East Coolidge
- West Emmett Street from North Washington to Grant Street
- Goodale Avenue (West and East) from Beglin Court to North Avenue
- West River Road from Bedford Road to City limit
- South Helmer from I-94 to Gethings Road
- Lafayette Street from Angell to Kendall

More details about the upcoming Chip Seal program can be found here.

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