I do not know how you feel about this but I think it is ridiculous.  Three men are now being held in custody in Cleveland Ohio for what I would call a citizens “arrest” of the teenager thugs who carjacked their car.

A local NBC affiliate in Cleveland WKYC is reporting that the Cleveland Police stated in a police report that two 14 year old boys stole a car that, unfortunately for them, had a GPS system in it.   The owners of the car. and I assume his friends, were able to track the car down and find it in Cleveland with the teenagers still in the car.

What happened next?

According to the police report the men chased the car for approximately 10 miles and eventually that car chase ended when the teenagers drove off the road and hit both a telephone pole and a condo.

What then happened next, now this part I do enjoy?

Once the men caught up with the teenagers who had just crashed their car, they pulled both teenagers out of the car.  Then according to the police report they held them up at gunpoint, stuffed them into the trunk of one of the men’s cars and proceeded to drive them straight to the police headquarters

Now you are probably wondering what happened next, did the police take the teenagers into custody and thank the men.


The police decided to arrest the men and charge them with felonious assault and kidnapping. By the way they did not bother to arrest the carjackers, instead with loving care, my words not the police, took the carjackers to the hospital.

Now that you know all the facts as presented by WKYC and the police report, do you think the Cleveland police did the right thing?

My thoughts are you HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!  Yes I know what the men did was dangerous and possibly something bad could have happened to the bad guys but the question is where were the police?  I know they cannot and will not be everywhere, lesson to learn you gun control people, but if the men did not harm these thugs more than a scratch or two then what is the problem?

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