A candidate for the Battle Creek City Commission may not actually be eligible to run, depending on where his property sits.

The Battle Creek Enquirer says that Ward 1 Candidate Peter VanGoethem owns around 15 acres of land near Linwood and Wellington Avenues, on the border between the City of Battle Creek and Bedford Township. Since he bought the property in 2001, VanGoethem says he has believed he lives in Battle Creek, and accordingly has paid property taxes to the City.

However, a review of records shows that in 1960, while Battle Creek annexed some of the land on what is now his property, most of it stayed in Bedford Township, including the land where his home is. That would mean that VanGoethem is a resident of Bedford, not the City.

The State Boundary Commission will now need to look at this case, to determine which municipality his home and land actually belongs to. If it turns out that VanGoethem isn't a resident of Battle Creek, he will be unable to serve as a City Commissioner.

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