The City of Battle Creek is holding another meeting to discuss panhandling, scheduled for Tuesday, July 26  at 6pm.

This comes as a civil rights organization is urging the City  to say no to recently proposed ordinances regarding panhandling.  The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan has sent a letter to Battle Creek administrators and commissioners, urging them to go against proposals that they say will “send the message that poor people are unwelcome in Battle Creek”.

The letter was sent as the City’s leaders are considering options to curb so-called aggressive panhandling.  Battle Creek has looked at options in the past, but they were never implemented as similar anti-panhandling policies have been struck down as unconstitutional in other communities across America.

Commissioner Mark Behnke and City attorney Jill Steele will be on the Richard Piet Show Wednesday, July 27 to discuss the issue.  Tune in to 95.3 WBCK at 8 A.M. to hear it.

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