Richard Eugene Dale Hitchcock disappeared on December 22, 1990, just a few days before Christmas.

Richard (also known as Richie and Rich) was last seen leaving the Riverfront Lounge on Water Street in Allegan at 2:30 a.m. on December 22, 1990. He was removed from the bar for being drunk. There were 3 people who gave statements to law enforcement that Richie jumped the fence behind the bar that led to the Kalamazoo River. Those who have investigated the case say it is possible that Rich never even went into the river. He is believed to be a victim of homicide and his remains have never been found. The search and investigation into Richie's disappearance has remained ongoing since they day he went missing.

Law enforcement, family, and volunteers conducted extensive searches up and down the Kalamazoo River for days without finding any signs of the then 21-year-old. Richie's vehicle was located in a nearby parking lot a few days later with Christmas gifts still on the seat. His keys were never found. The key chain was clear epoxy with a scorpion molded within it.

The Riverfront Lounge has since changed ownership and names multiple times since Richard went missing. After being the Riverfront Lounge it was called Stella's, then changed again to Mug Shots Coffee House.

At the time of his disappearance, Richie was 21-years-old, had red/auburn hair that was described as "bushy", he had blue eyes, stood 6 feet tall, and weighed 135 pounds. Rich was last seen wearing white Union Bay jeans, a black t-shirt with Dangerous Toys written on it and a brown leather bomber jacket. He also could have been wearing a blue-striped shirt with a white t-shirt underneath.

In the decades since Richie first went missing there have been ground searches, K-9 cold case dog team searches, ground penetrating radar searches, and they have even excavated areas that his remains were thought to be based on tips, rumors and other clues. Each effort has failed to produce Richie and the closure his family has been hoping for.

Rich's family has never stopped searching for him. His cousin Kellie Boers has since devoted her life to finding him and helping other families with missing loved ones find theirs. Kellie also manages the social media page Help us Find Richard Hitchcock, as part of her efforts to locate him.

A $10,000 reward being offered to anyone that can lead investigators to his remains.

Anyone with information on Richard Eugene Dale Hitchcock's disappearance or where he can be located should contact the Allegan County Sheriff's Department at 269-686-4705. Those wishing to remain anonymous can contact Silent Observer at 1-855-SILENT-0 or by e-mail at .

Courtesy of Help us Find Richard Hitchcock
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