A Clinton supporter, tired of his signs being stolen, has written "KKK" on his own truck and hung sheets in his yard. 

Reed Shortridge of Coldwater, Michigan is a supporter of "Crooked Hillary" as he called her in an interview with News Channel 3, and has many signs of support on display. However, someone keeps stealing his signs. In the interview with WWMT, he said:

All the way through here I had signs up, I thought this is my last stand for 'crooked Hillary.' I love her and I'm going to stand up for her rights and my rights,

He has taken a black marker and wrote "KKK" several times on his pick-up as well as on his porch and has even hung a white sheet over a post to depict a Klansmen.

He went on in the interview to say that he will take down the campaign signs after the eledction but the KKK signs will stay up untill someone comes forward with his stolen signs and apologizes.

This is not the first incident of campaign signs being stolen here in Michigan. If you know of any other stolen signs, tell us in the comments along with your thoughts on this story.

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