Capri Drive-In announces a family-friendly favorite along with a trio of comedies for their weekend double features.

Temperatures this weekend will feel more fall-like than late Spring so bundle up, bring a blanket, and if you can, a snuggle buddy. No bug spray needed this weekend.

Interest in drive-ins continues to remain high even as a post-pandemic life appears closer. Check out Capri Drive-In's weekend double features below.

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Screen 1 Double Feature

Screen 2 Double Feature

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Fun Facts on Capri Drive-In

  • Capri Drive-In is located off US-12 in Coldwater, Michigan. The drive-in opened in 1964 and is still operated by members of the same family.
  • Screen #1 of the Capri is a 150' X 75' Selby tower. It is one of the largest screen towers still in use today.
  • Screen #2 of the Capri is an 80' x 40' steel tower. This screen once served a Detroit-Area drive-in until it was disassembled, shipped to Coldwater, and re-assembled to act as a second screen for the Capri in 1986.
  • Both of Capri's projection rooms utilize new digital projection equipment to produce the brightest picture possible. Moviegoers can tune into either AM or FM Stereo sound for both screens.

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