The hits keep coming and they are making it easier for parents to really start digging into the colleges that their young budding adult goes to college.  These colleges, universities, and their “professors” continue to fall further down the rabbit hole.

A big thanks goes out to the Washington Free Beacon for putting these insane acts by “professors” and colleges:

A Duke Professor has laid out plans for payment for $12 Trillion dollars in Slavery Reparations reported by the New York Post.  

“A prominent economist at Duke University mapped out a reparations plan that would give $800,000 to the descendants of slaves and would cost the U.S. government upward of $12 trillion.”

Then we move on to a Princeton University graduate administration’s support of freedom of speech reported by the Campus Reform website:

“Student leaders in Princeton's Graduate Student Government said the school's affirmation of free speech was "tone deaf" and protected hatred.”

A Texas A&M professor said that it was “good news” Congressman Gohmert contracted COVID-19 and then stated he hopes “fat klansman” Trump contracts it also, this from The Blaze:

“In a Facebook post, Texas A&M University professor Filipe de Castro called the late Republican Herman Cain "stupid" and said it was "good news" Rep. Louie Gohmert (R., Texas) was diagnosed with the coronavirus. Castro also said that he hopes President Donald Trump—whom he referred to as "fat klansman"—and Vice President Mike Pence get it too”

We then move on to Colorado-Boulder who is looking to pay “Underrepresented” students $20 an hour for “Eco-Social Justice” jobs, this again brought by  the Campus Reform website:

“The University of Colorado Boulder's Environmental Center is hiring "Eco-Social Justice Coordinators" this fall and will prioritize "underrepresented" student applicants, including students of color, LGBT students, students with disabilities, and first-generation college students.”

We move on to an Iowa State Professor who does not allow students to criticize abortion or Black Lives Matter brought to us by Washington Free Beacon:

“Iowa State University English professor Chloe Clark—who shares no relation to this article's co-author, Chrissy Clark—told her students that they were not allowed to argue against abortion, Black Lives Matter, or gay marriage in the classroom or in assignments.”

Finally, we have The College Fix website informing us of California State Long Beach’s new mascot which is a “nonbinary” shark that uses plural pronouns.

For those who maybe wonder what a “nonbinary” person or shark is, according to Webster’s dictionary “nonbinary” is defined as:

“relating to or being a person who identifies with or expresses a gender identity that is neither entirely male nor entirely female”

A shark can be “nonbinary” that uses plural pronouns, which is certainly interesting.

Be careful where your child goes to college and whom they might be brainwashing them.

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