What in the heck is going on these days, why does it appear that so many people have gone insane?  Or is it that the troubled people are the ones getting the press so it appears that the insanity of the left is more widespread than it really is.

Here is the latest insanity, The Daily Caller is reporting that the Columbia University Marching Band announced last week that it would dissolve itself due to:

“intrinsic, irreparable damage caused by the club’s structure, which was “founded on the basis of racism” and “cultural oppression.”


In a letter they wrote:

“The Columbia University Marching Band apologizes for insult and injury victims have experienced as a result of actions perpetrated in its name...The Band has maintained a club structure founded on the basis of racism, cultural oppression, misogyny, and sexual harassment.”

Please give me a moment to catch my breath after laughing so hard.

OK, I am back.

They went on to say that despite their extensive reform efforts, the band found it:

“impossible to reform an organization so grounded in prejudiced culture and traditions...The current Band hopes that the Band’s dissolution will provide relief to the present suffering of the Columbia community and time to heal from the decades of harm caused by this organization. We also hope that the CUMB’s disbandment can create a space that allows for the formation of a new spirit group that will provide a safe and inclusive outlet for students to play music at Columbia.”

There is more but I must stop here I just cannot take it anymore.

It sounds like they need to give themselves a good spanking and promise to never do that again.

I hope everyone understands that Columbia University is one of the most liberal colleges in the entire world.  So it was these liberals over the last 100 plus years that have perpetrated these racist and sexist acts, interesting.

Columbia is an Ivy League school, apparently, you no longer need to be very bright or have much common sense to get into the school.

What does it take to get into Columbia, if not brains and common sense?

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