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In their quest for “diversity and inclusion” Iowa State University is now requiring their new job applicants pledge that if hired they will “demonstrate their contribution to diversity and inclusion”.

My thought is how will they exactly enforce this requirement?  Will they be looking at “diversity” above qualifications?

The College Fix news site is reporting that Iowa State calls itself a:

global and culturally diverse university committed to providing an inclusive, equitable, and diverse environment for both learning and employment

The new language in their applications stipulates that the:

university has an expectation that all employees will demonstrate a contribution to diversity and inclusion as embodied in Iowa State University’s Principles of Community

Ok, that sounds like a good goal but again I ask how will they exactly enforce this and what might be the penalties if they feel an employee is not living up to their request.

If there are not strict guidelines on how the university views an employee that is committed to “diversity and inclusion” then how is an employee supposed to know if they are in line with what their employer wants?

If it is not exactly spelled out what they are looking for it then leaves the door open to a wide interpretation of what the University wants you to do.  If there is a wide interpretation then who is exactly interpreting what an employee is doing and what is their motives and agenda?

Iowa State then speaks of free speech when the state that the public university affirms:

the right to and the importance of a free exchange of ideas at Iowa State University within the bounds of courtesy, sensitivity and respect

Again the University is very vague in their wording and does not exactly define what a free exchange of ideas actually looks like in their world.  What do they feel is in the “bounds of courtesy, sensitivity and respect”?

This “exchange of ideas” clause is particularly concerning since Iowa State University has already been sanctioned in the recent past for not respecting people’s and students First Amendment rights. In fact, Iowa State University was found guilty of knowingly violating students’ First Amendment rights.

I believe that most people want to do what is right for their employer’s and society, the problem is the interpretation of what is right and wrong in each situation.  It is also a concern if organizations and corporations push for “diversity and inclusion” above qualifications, quality of work and work ethic.

That is really where the rubber hits the road, do you want to work with someone who was hired due to their skin color, gender, non-gender or who they prefer to sleep with?

I do not, I want to work with someone who is qualified and can do the job they were hired to do.  Is that so wrong?

I personally look at someone’s qualifications, work ethic and content of character.

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