Following the stoppage of face-to-face instruction and components to education at Kellogg Community College last week, federal guidelines announced Monday have led to more cancellations for the campus.

The College announced Monday that they have canceled their annual Commencement ceremony, which was scheduled for Thursday, May 14th. This announcement comes from the federal guidelines limiting large gatherings of 50 or more people. The College also canceled other events on campus including theater productions, musical performances and student award ceremonies.

The Miller Physical Education Building has also been closed until Friday, May 15th for students and staff other than those who perform business functions or specific student services. This closure also ends the 2020 Kellogg Community College baseball season.

The College will also limit the number of people inside the Morris Library on campus for current students and employees. The library will remain open for regular hours.

The Bruin Bistro on-campus will also be open from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., fulfilling orders through its walk-up window.

In the College's statement, Kellogg Community College president Dr. Adrien Bennings said,

"We are in unprecedented times and we are taking unprecedented measures as an institution to prevent exposure to the coronavirus that is rapidly spreading in Michigan and around the world. We are disappointed that we won't have the opportunity to celebrate our Bruins' success by handing them a diploma as they walk across the stage to the applause of their family and friends, but we will find some other way to recognize their accomplishments."

KCC's Board of Trustees meeting originally scheduled for Wednesday, March 18th was previously canceled. The meetings for April and May are still planned as scheduled.

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