Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer continues to take heat for her decisions surrounding a legislature approved package of COVID-19 related spending bills.  The intent of one of the two of the bills was to extend unemployment out to 26 weeks. A connected bill supplied the funding. More than $200 million.  The Governor approved the time frame extension but vetoed the funding. She then claimed to have extended benefits but canceled unnecessary funding support for big business.

State House Speaker-elect Jason Wentworth wants an explanation. So far his office is not reporting one is in hand. Wentworth says the Governor did it purposely, or just didn’t know what she was doing. Neither says Wentworth, is acceptable.

Now, this week additional complaints about what went down are coming from several directions. The Center Square reports the State GOP Chair is pointing an accusing finger at the Governor for putting people out of work with closing orders and then messing up the unemployment benefits system.

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It’s reporting the CEO of the Association of Builders and Contractors of Greater Michigan Chapter is calling the Governor’s actions a “bait and switch” maneuver. State  Chamber CEO Rich Studley is quoted by the Center Square saying the governor is, “trying to shift the burden of paying for her mistakes by saddling employers with the costs of her stay-at-home and shutdown orders. It’s mean-spirited.”  CEO Studley goes on to say, “Gov. Whitmer is entirely responsible for this mess.”  He blames what he calls  UIA (Unemployment Insurance Agency)  mismanagement and malfeasance along with the Governors's continued imposition of closing orders and business restrictions for the state’s developing economic mess.

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