Michigan’s 3rd District Congressman has been very active lately, following the withdrawal of U.S. forces in Afghanistan.  Meijer, who served in Iraq as a Marine and lived in Afghanistan while working for a disaster response organization, and Democratic Representative Seth Moulton made an unsanctioned trip to Afghanistan last week.   He’s kept a high profile since then, speaking on national news shows and appeared for the second time this week on “Live with Renk” on Battle Creek’s News-Talk station, WBCK.

Meijer said he wants to directly engage his constituents and will do it with a Zoom Town Hall on Thursday night, for the first 1000 people to register.

“We’ll also live-stream it on Facebook,” said Congressman Meijer. “I assume there will be a lot of questions and we will explain what’s going on in Afghanistan, what I saw on the ground there in Kabul last week, but I also want to discuss a lot of the other domestic issues that I anticipate the democrats will bring forward in the coming few weeks when we’re back in session at the end of September.”

In a release, Meijer said, “When I was sworn into office earlier this year, I made a pledge to provide the people of Michigan's Third Congressional District engagement, transparency, and effective leadership. Hearing from the people I serve enables me to better represent our values in Washington. There has been a lot going on in our country and around the world lately, and I need your input. That's why this Thursday, September 2nd, I am hosting a live virtual town hall. The event will take place on Zoom and be live-streamed to Facebook.”

“If you are a resident of the Third District, I encourage you to participate by asking me a question! Please note that only my constituents will be allowed to ask questions. Registration is required, and you can do that here.”

Meijer commented on President Biden’s speech on Tuesday.  “The President continues to defend the decision to withdraw, which was something that I supported when President Trump put it forward, and I supported it when President Biden wanted to continue that policy.  That decision to withdraw is very different than how that withdrawal was executed.  I don’t think there’s anybody who looks at this and say that it was done competently and that we actually had a plan.   It’s all the more frustrating to me because as somebody who had been working on getting out American citizens and our loyal Afghan allies going back to April, the administration always assumed they had more time.  They didn’t take that threat seriously and it was clear that when the President said that this was a contingency they planned for, (the rapid collapse of the country), that’s a flat-out lie.   If this was a plan if we saw a plan B executed, God help us.”

Hear the Live with Renk interview with Congressman Meijer here.

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