Usually, when you are in a hole you stop digging unless you enjoy the adoration you are receiving in that hole.  When it comes to politics speaking ill of your Party to receive that adoration and feel accepted by your friends in the other Party usually means your time in your Party should be over.  People are still allowed to have their own thoughts these days and those thoughts can be counter to what the mainstream manipulative news (MSMN) tells you they must be.  Some have the courage to break away from what the mainstream manipulative news tells you to think others do not.

Last Sunday Upton decided to spend a part of his morning with his friends at CNN.  Specifically, Dana Bash on CNN’s variety show called State of The Union.  Dana set up Upton by playing some video clips of his Republican colleague's comments about the January 6th riot.  Some stating that the only people killed that day by violence was Trump supporters, that was true.  Another said it was not an insurrection, the definition of an insurrection is “an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government”.  It could be debated whether it was a revolt against civil authority.  To that Upton said:

"It's absolutely bogus. You know, I was there. I watched a number of the folks walk down to the White House and then back. I have a balcony on my office. So I saw them go down. I heard the noise -- the flash bangs, I smelled some of the gas as it moved my was terribly frightening”

Congressman Upton, I hear from people around the country how “terribly frightening” it was almost daily when the Biden/Democrat supporters were destroying cities and government property yet you stood mute.  I hear how “terribly frightening” it is almost every weekend now in some cities in the United States when the Biden/Democrat supporters are destroying cities and government property yet you stand mute.

How long will you stand mute and not confront those insurrectionists when you go on CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the MSMN?

Why you have never stood up for those Americans living and now dead?

Is it because it did not happen to your house, office or car?

Was it far enough away from you and the other frightened congresspeople that you decided not to take any action when you could?

I could understand your concern today about the 6th and the election but you have never once gone on CNN or MSNBC and spoke about the Russian “Big Lie” and how these Biden/Democrat supporters are destroying cities, harming people and killing others.  Not once have you said the Big Russian Lie was "absolutely bogus".  Even after the left themselves (Mueller team) came out and said they found no evidence. 

Why do you allow your Democrat friends to talk about what they perceive as the “Big Lie” of the election but not their “Big Lie” of the Russian farce?

Why have you not demanded they repudiate that Big Lie?

Perhaps if you held your friends in the Democrat Party to the same standards you hold your enemies in the Republican Party people would think more of you and what you think.

Upton went on to say:

"It's important to find out just how widespread this thing was and what can we do to make sure that it never can happen again."

Yes, it is important to find out how widespread this anarchy and insurrection by the Biden/Democrat supporters has happened and is happening.  Once you also call for that investigation we can agree on something.

The following is that interview:

I invited Congressman Upton last Sunday on my show to discuss his concern, as of publishing this piece I have heard nothing from him or his office.

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