Well as one of my listener’s stated it , President Trump really “stepped in it”.

What was he talking about and why did he think President Trump “stepped in it”?

He was talking about the $1.3 TRILLION dollar omnibus budget President Trump signed last Friday.

Why do he believe he “stepped in it”?  Well let Mark explain it, the following is what Mark sent me over the weekend:

Mark, Good Morning Renk

While I am still going to support the President in his efforts to rebuild and improve this great country, I am afraid he has 'stepped in it', this time.

After the signing, many callers to Rush Limbaugh were disgusted with his signing the bill, and will not support him going forward. Some people that I spoke to Friday night told me the same thing and we may look back and see that this was the undoing of the great work he has done so far. While it is a great thing that this bill reinforces the military, that has not been done in recent memory, it has left out a lot of things that President Trump wanted and needed to continue the work that he started eighteen months ago.

At the ceremony where he signed the omnibus bill, $1.3 Trillion, he said ' ... he would never do this again ...' and I had flashbacks to when George H.W. Bush said that infamous line ' ... read my lips, No New Taxes!'. Of course, those of us that can remember that know that by him caving in to the democrats and signing for the largest tax increase after Reagan, cost him the election to Bill Clinton in 1992. That mistake, led to the decline of our country that has continued until about a year ago.

I maybe wrong, but I believe that Friday was Mr. Trumps' his moment that may be the turning point of his administration, and not for the better. I guess we will know for sure this coming November

Are you upset with President Trump as Mark and others are?


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