As more Big Ten football teams are deciding to reverse their decision to not play football this year the question remains will Michigan and MSU change their minds and play this season.

A sports site called Buckeyes Wire is reporting that teams that already decided to play starting on Thanksgiving weekend may actually start even earlier.

Also sports broadcaster Dan Patrick tweeted:

The question remains what will happen with Michigan and MSU.  Governor Whitmer is strongly against any schools playing football this season even thought last Thursday she announced that she will bestow on the citizens of Michigan the ability to play organized sports this fall.  Although Whitmer has strongly recommended to not play contact sports, including football.

Due to Whitmer’s condemnation concerning playing football President Trump tweeted:

Last Saturday, Jim Harbaugh , Michigan’s head football coach marched with his players and their parents in Ann Arbor to “protest” the Big Ten’s decision to postpone football.  Coach Harbaugh believes football can be played in a safe way this fall.

I say let the games begin.

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