Despite all the hype around Amazon's Prime Day, I'm still waiting for that backyard drone delivery we were promised back in 2013! Though it would be nice to get my nail kits and alarm clocks (actual things I have purchased on Amazon) delivered via drone drop, I suppose medical supplies take precedence.

Last month the Detroit company Airspace Link, a digital drone safety company, along with Beaumont Hospital in Taylor, MI completed a successful 10-day long trial run of medical supply deliveries via drone. Could this be the next step in the future of healthcare?

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Drone Data

Data from this trial run will be used to show the State of Michigan just how helpful drones, specially drone delivery, can be. The co-founder and CEO of Airspace Link, Michael Healander, tells DBusiness Magainze,

We’re currently deployed in over ten communities throughout the state of Michigan and look forward to continuing to work together to propel Michigan forward as a leader in drone innovation.

What Do Drones Mean for Michiganders?

There are countless benefits to adding drone deliveries here in the state. More drones in the air means less vehicles on the road which can reduce both carbon emissions and wear and tear to Michigan's roads. This new on-demand, contactless delivery system can also facilitate and expedite the delivery of essential medical items like donated blood, urgent prescriptions, and dare I even venture to say perhaps organ transplants someday? The future is now!

Of the trial run Casie Ocaña, Airspace Link’s Vice President of Marketing told Commercial UAV News,

We focused on medical delivery because we are trying to show that this technology isn't just great for getting your Starbucks delivered, but it will have maximum societal benefits.

From replacing fireworks to surveillance to delivering critical medical supplies, is there anything drones can't do? I would love to see Michigan adopt drone deliveries sooner rather than later, wouldn't you?

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