Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson and Attorney General Dana Nessel have decided to unilaterally ban the ability to open-carry firearms at polling places on Election Day.  Their decision prohibits the open carry of guns within 100 feet of polling places amid fears of voter intimidation.

When asked if the law allows them to do so they stated that they are Democrats and the laws of Michigan or this country do not apply to them. That is not exactly what they said but an “anonymous source” said that what they believe.

The Detroit News is reporting that the NRA is looking at the possibility of bringing a lawsuit against Benson, Nessel and Whitmer.

In a statement Secretary of State Benson wrote:

“The presence of firearms at the polling place, clerk’s office(s), or absent voter counting board may cause disruption, fear or intimidation for voters, election workers and others present...Absent clear standards, there is potential for confusion and uneven application of legal requirements for Michigan’s 1,600 election officials, 30,000 election inspectors, 8 million registered voters and thousands of challengers and poll watchers on Election Day”

The National Rifle Association spokeswoman Amy Hunter said that this directive would "do nothing to improve public safety."

She went on to say:

"Any criminal or agitator intent on committing an illegal act isn't going to pay attention to this directive...Therefore, this ill-conceived action only eradicates the right to self-defense by law-abiding Michiganders."

She is exactly right and this is something that people who want to ban guns never seem to understand.  Criminals do not follow the law that is why they are called criminals.  I have no idea why gun banners cannot understand that.

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