As we reported last week, the former Union Steel building is slated to finally be demolished this week, but curious citizens are making the job more difficult and possibly putting themselves in danger.  Calhoun County Land Bank Authority Executive Director Krista Trout-Edwards commented today on reports of trespassing at the  site.

“At the Calhoun County Land Bank, safety is our top priority. We have several reports of people entering the Union Steel building or using drones to take photographs prior to the building being demolished. The building is not safe to enter, and the Land Bank has not granted anyone permission to use drones at the site. Under no circumstances should anyone enter or use drones at the property without prior authorization from the Land Bank. ‘No Trespassing’ signs are clearly posted on the property. The building has been vacant for more than two decades and is extremely dangerous. In addition, crews are working onsite. Albion Public Safety will be increasing patrols around the area and trespassers, including those accessing the site with drones, will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. While the Land Bank understands this building represents an important part of Albion’s history, we cannot stress enough that it is extremely dangerous. If anyone wishes to take a photo, we ask that they are taken from across the street. For everyone’s safety, we ask all interested parties to stay off the property.”


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