The wheels of justice are slowing to a halt in some Calhoun County courtrooms.  Chief County Judge Michael Jaconnette is deciding that juries will not be seated for trials for at least the next three weeks.  The moratorium is in place as a response to COVID-19. Among the first of the trials to be affected is the pending murder case against 50-year-old Marko McGee of Battle Creek. He’s accused of first-degree murder and a weapons charge connected to the murder of 43 year old Diabulo White almost two years ago. A defense request for a delay had been submitted to the court, but Circuit Court Judge Sarah Lincoln said it was a moot point due to the decision by the chief judge. If the moratorium on seating juries is lifted in time, the court plans to proceed with the case in the middle of next month. It's not known how many pending cases before the county court system may be delayed.

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