Expect to hear and see coyotes a little more often than usual over the next few months. If you live in Michigan, you're probably well aware that it's breeding season and coyotes can be increasingly territorial and even hostile at times.

Coyotes are visible a bit more than normal during their breeding season, which runs from January through March. According to ABC 12, some neighborhoods have been spotting coyotes already this year. They are being spotted so often that local hunters are being asked to help mitigate the concern.

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One of the biggest concerns you should have is your pets, especially your little ones. Like I've told you in the past, over the next few months you're going to want to keep an eye on your pets when they're in your yard. It's not extremely common but a coyote may snatch up your pet if the opportunity presents itself as an easy one.

Another helpful tip is to not leave food scraps or a food source in your yard. That's only going to keep them coming back for more.

I wasn't aware of this but apparently, it's always open hunting season on coyotes in Michigan. I had no idea you could take them out throughout the year. However, some laws vary depending on where you live, so I'd check on the hunting laws in your community before you go and blast a coyote.

Sightings also can be expected in spring and summer, when they're caring for pups.

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