Going to the race track can be one of the more fun times for yourself, for a date, or even with family or friends. There are tons of different types of races or Derbys that you can watch at a race track and they never disappoint and provide immense entertainment to their attendees. From School Bus Figure 8's to demolition Derbys, limo Derbys, drag races, traditional races, and so much more are offered to draw in spectators.

The Kalamazoo Speedway located in Galesburg is our area's speedway that hosts races and other events throughout the year. They are known for their figure 8 events, drag races, demolition Derbys, and one of their most famous events, the spectator race. The spectator race is exactly what it sounds like, spectators from the crowd are asked to come down and give their driving skills a run. This spectator race gave the fans a memory that they won't forget anytime soon.

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Just a week ago at there was a  Derby and race event at the Kalamazoo Speedway and the spectator race was the highlight of the night. This was unlike the rest of the spectator races that take place at the Kalamazoo Speedway as it ended in an altercation. Most spectator races are two everyday people having the time of their life racing around a track for the crowd, but this one ended in the most entertaining way.

The fans are used to seeing close races where the drivers are smashing on the gas, going back and forth for the lead, and eventually, one car just edges out the other for the win. Not this race, as you can see in the video below from Top Row Racing Media, these drivers gave the fans a quick race and a show afterward.

One Driver was operating a Lincoln MKX and the other was driving a Lincoln Continental. The drivers took off at the start and didn't make it around the first turn before they started to get into the mix, they side-swiped each other before separating for a short distance before running into each other again. The Continental took out the rear driver's side and caused the MKX to spin out and crash.

This led to tempers flaring and emotions getting out of hand as both drivers hop out of their respective vehicles. They proceed to walk toward each other and exchanged words before things got too heated. They then got embraced in a grappling match and both threw punches and got into a full-blown fight before being quickly separated. The situation was diffused in a timely manner but not before the fans got a great show.

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