This week is national Crime Victims' Rights Week and an event is being held locally later this week to honor those victims. The Calhoun County Prosecutor's office is hosting a gathering at Fell Park in Battle Creek Thursday from 5:30 to 7:00pm. Along with honoring the victims, this event will be a way for the community to celebrate their rights in Michigan and people who work for the victims.
Calhoun County Prosecutor's office
Calhoun County Prosecutor's office
Crime Victims' Rights Week was established nationally in 1981 by President Ronald Reagan to expand an initiative to provide for crime victims. An award ceremony is held in Washington D.C. during the week for individuals and organizations that demonstrate outstanding service in supporting victims. Victim services are also recognized.

To ensure fundamental rights for crime victims, the Crime Victims' Rights Act was signed into law in 1985. In 1988, residents in Michigan overwhelmingly approved the constitutional amendment and it became part of the State Constitution. Crime victims in Michigan now have the most complete legal rights in the country, finally bringing long overdue balance to a system which had previously been heavily weighted toward the criminal.

The Calhoun County Prosecutor's Office has a victim's unit to help people through the court process by informing them of rights under the Crime Victim Rights Act. They also have the names of agencies victims can contact for help. Contact the Victim's Unit by calling (269) 969-6944.

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