The question many of us are asking is why Senator Cruz would bet his entire political career just to get on the big stage one more time. Is Senator Cruz so self-centered that he needed that limelight one more time, is it a drug for him?

Why you would seek and or accept an invitation to speak at the Republican convention knowing that you were going to break your hand signed commitment to endorse the winner of the Republican primary race is beyond me.

I know that Trump said some things about his wife and father and quite frankly of all of Trump's primary opponents Senator Cruz had the best excuse not to endorse Trump even though he signed the pledge. The question I had on my mind after his speech was why did you accept and or seek a speaking position if you were not going to endorse the primary winner?

This brings up another thought, if your spouse or any other family member is actively campaigning with and for you, does that not open them up for political hit jobs? Is it not fair for your opponent to look into the background of them and use whatever they can find to put your candidacy into question?

I am not endorsing negative campaigning, but ladies and gentlemen the American people are because they have proven to the politician and wanna be politicians that 99 out of 100 times it works. That my friends is sad, it works because people are too lazy to seek the truth and inform themselves.

Now back to my thoughts on Senator Cruz. If I knew I was not going to keep my word, then I would have not given that speech.

If he believed that Hillary Clinton would be such a bad leader for the American people then why help her get elected by essentially doing a commercial for her and helping her defeat her opponent.

Power and the stage is alluring to most of these politicians and they just cannot seem to keep away from it even if they are Cruz'ing for a collapse of their entire career.

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