D Dr. N Closed-TSM Photo (2)

Some members of Victory Life Church were a little late on Sunday, as authorities closed off  D Drive North Between Beadle Lake Road and Harper Creek Drive due to partial road collapse.

D Drive North Closed

Those approaching the church from the east, or taking the popular shortcut from Beadle Lake Road to 6 1/2 mile road, were thwarted where Harper Creek flows under the road, also called Hoover Road.

In an alert issued Sunday morniing, the Emmett Township Department of Public Safety advises motorists to AVOID the area of D Drive North between Beadle Lake RD and Harper Creek DR. Public Safety officers discovered what appears to be part of the roadway on the bridge is showing signs of collapsed and potentially made the road unstable. The Calhoun County Road Department has been notified and is en-route to evaluate the situation and determine a course of action.

Until further notice, barricades will be put in place and the section of roadway closed until the County Road Department can make a determination. 6 1/2 Mile Road should be used as an alternate route to access Victory Life Church, Harper Creek Drive and other residential homes along D Dr North until further notice.


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