Lake Michigan shoreline conditions along Michigan's west store were pretty rough over the weekend. Just like weather forecasters were predicting. A number of rescues were initiated after boaters and swimmers alike got into trouble while facing the strong wave action. One rescue attempt isn’t over. But emergency crews in South Haven are more inclined at this point to view the efforts as a potential recovery operation. It started Sunday afternoon when emergency response units were called to the South Beach area. Two young men were reported to be in distress. A South Haven Area Emergency Services responder and a South Haven Police officer arrived on scene. They rescued a 19-year-old man from Jackson. He told them his 18-year-old companion was still in the water. He thought his friend had gone under but wasn’t sure.

The search continued into the early evening Sunday with no success. Crews were back out early yesterday but their work was cut short by continued treacherous wave conditions. Drones are going to be used if possible until crews can safely get back out into the lake, hopefully yet this morning. Red flags, the universal danger sign of water safety along the big lake beaches were up and visible over the weekend. But many people ventured out into the water.  Other rescues were successful on Saturday.

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