It’s been revealed that Marshall-based Dark Horse Brewing is tied up in legal battle over failure to pay its mortgage and also is in debt to the city of Marshall.

Records obtained by WWMT show that the company has been delinquent in paying its property taxes to the city of Marshall.  Dark Horse apparently owes just over $12,000 in unpaid property taxes in the city from 2018. Calhoun County deputy treasurer Melinda Weaver told WWMT that Dark Horse's property would go into forfeiture if taxes aren't paid by March 1st of 2020.

Also in May of this year, Chemical Bank filed a lawsuit in Calhoun County Circuit Court against Dark Horse Brewing and its owners Aaron and Callie Morse for their failure to pay $1.5 million in mortgage payments, dating back to 2007. Chemical Bank could foreclose if the debt isn't paid.

A merger was announced recently with Royal Oak-based Roak Brewing and that might provide a solution for the brewery's financial trouble. Dark Horse already has filed for an ownership transfer with the state Liquor Control Commission. The merger could be done as early as December.

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