There is nothing like brotherly love and brotherly hate.  I have 3 brothers so I certainly know of what I speak of.

Due north of Grand Rapids lies Newaygo County, a peaceful area except when it becomes hunting season.  MLive tells us of this Shakespearean story between two brothers who obviously do not like each other.  I wonder if Mom and/or Dad favored one over the other.

One brother called a DNR conservation officer to make a compliant about the other brother.  What did his brother do, well he sprayed deer repellent around his beloved brother’s hunting stands.


Well he told the DNR conservation officer that he had sprayed both his brother’s blinds because his brother was intentionally cutting off the deer by hunting the public land next to their private camp, so he wanted to scare the deer away. Mind you this private camp was willed to him and his brother by their father.

The brother who was having trouble seeing any deer walk by his stand gave two SD cards from trail cameras to the DNR conservation officer.  Those cards showed his brother wearing a yellow backpack sprayer spraying around two hunting stands located on U.S. Forest Service property with an unknown substance.  That unknown substance was “liquid fence” used to keep deer away from any area you spray it around.

He later admitted to the DNR conservation officer that he let his emotions get the best of him, you think so, and apologized.

Well an apology will only get you so far when you are dealing with the law and you are not one of the political elite.  A warrant request has been submitted by the DNR conservation officer for hunter harassment and baiting deer when prohibited.

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