This story will make you think twice before sharing your naughty pics with strangers.

Last weekend a 29-year-old Beachwood, Ohio man called the police after things didn't go so well with online dating.  To be more specific, he was being blackmailed according to,

...someone he had met on an online dating site had demanded $800 from him in exchange for not posting explicit photos of the man on the internet.

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Let's not ignore the elephant in the room here.  The number of people that show far too much trust in strangers with their dirty pics has got to be alarming.  There's no doubt the number of scandalous selfies being passed around has likely increased quite a bit during the pandemic.  I'm not here to sext shame anyone.  Do you boo.  However, be smart about it.

To be clear, online dating scams are not just about your naughty bits.  Last year we brought you the story of a Michigan man that was scammed out of $56,000.  Women on dating sites where telling this guy they needed money to get out of an abusive relationship, or they needed money for food.  He had a big heart.  The problem is, his big heart lead to a small bank account.  You can see that full story by clicking here.

Not to totally let Ohio off the hook on this one, but....there was the Michigan man that scammed a woman out of $300,000 on  Wow.  Get that full story by clicking here.

Police are still investigating the Ohio case.  Moral of the story: be careful out there.

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