Individual donors. Local businesses challenging each other to donate. Other local businesses donating a portion of their days receipts. It all added up to $21,386 for The Haven's Inasmuch House homeless shelter for families.

The first pledge came early - in less than 30 minutes after the morning show broadcast began at 5:30 a.m. Friday. It concluded with volunteers from the Battle Creek Coyotes football team dodging cars in traffic to collect donations from passing motorists.

Saturday, the final day of Roofsit 2015 concludes atop Pizza Hut on Columbia Avenue near Capital Avenue with another 13 hours of pledges for Calhoun County's only homeless shelter for families. Phone lines open at 6 a.m.: 269-441-0075.

Many thanks to all of the donors, sponsors and businesses who came through on day one. We welcome those on day two who will carry us the rest of the way to $50,000!