We keep hearing from Democrat Politicians, their minions, their pundits, and those of you who would vote for a Democrat even if they are a sexual deviant like Bill Clinton, that the polls have Biden destroying President Trump this fall.  Now, why are some of the elected Democrat politicians and others telling us not to believe their own polls?

MLive is reporting that U.S. Reps. Debbie Dingell, D-Dearborn, and Elissa Slotkin, D-Holly, are begging the Biden campaign not to believe their own polls. Is that not very interesting and quite telling.  

In fact, Dingell said in a recent interview about a New York Times/Siena College and EPIC-MRA poll that stated Biden was ahead by 16 percentage points:

He’s not up 16 points in Michigan, that’s just not a reality...I think if the election were today my gut says Joe Biden would win, but it’s still three months away

What does Representative Dingell, Slotkin, and other Democrats know what their followers do not know?  They know that these polls are what we call push polls designed to create a certain outcome in which to fool their supporters and the uninformed public. They also know that they poll everyone not just likely voters, their polls under-represent Republican voters, and over-represent Democratic voters.

There is another problem the polls have this year and the Democrats know about it.  When contacted by the pollsters there is a percentage of voters who are simply keeping their mouths shut on the fact that they will vote for Trump or they mislead the pollsters and tell them they will vote for Biden.  Why would someone tell a stranger in this day and age of aggression and violence in the Democratic Party that they are voting for someone other than a Democrat?

They are rightfully concerned that their name and phone number could be sold or given to the Democratic Party and God knows what would happen next.  My advice, just smile and tell them, oh yeaaaaah I am going to vote for Biden and then on Election Day vote for the police, security, the economy and America and pull that lever for President Trump.

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