I am not asking this question because I am a Conservative.

I am not asking this question because I am a supporter of President Trump’s Policies.

I am not asking this question because I believe the policies of the Democratic Party are not the right policies for the United States.

I am asking the question: Democrats; is this who you really want as our next President, because Joe Biden appears to be battling dementia or at the very least senility.  According to Webster’s the definition of senility is:

the quality or state of being senile : the physical and mental decline associated with old age

especially : the deterioration of cognitive functioning associated with old age

Senility is an issue many of us may be dealing with or will as we grow older.

Last Friday some genius in Biden’s campaign thought it would be a great idea for Joe to hold a “virtual town hall” in the state of Illinois.  Illinois Democrat Senator Dick Durbin attempted to moderate the event although he was not visible to the audience.  When he introduced Biden, there was no audio then suddenly out of nowhere Durbin appeared on a separate screen holding a small child.

The “virtual town hall” was plagued with technical issues which made the entire production look like something out of a Saturday Night Live skit.  The technical problems were not Biden’s fault, that was the team he chose to surround himself with fault.

It was Biden’s actions that occurred after they corrected the technical issues.  From @steveguest at one point you can hear Biden asking:

 am I on camera?

At another point Biden struggled to remember the date of the next presidential inauguration when he promised to expand Obamacare:


... But even I can't do that for another two years -- another year -- between now and November. Or actually January

It does not end there, at yet another point in his “virtual town hall” he started to discuss the Endangered Species Act and apparently forgot he was doing a “virtual town hall” and just started to roam around the room and actually walked partially off-camera.
  Don’t believe me well here is my proof from @thehill

Is this the person you wanting leading this country or the person to pick the team that will help him lead this country?  Remember he choose the team that eventually put this disaster together or did he not even approve of this team and someone else was making all of the decisions for him?

Can you imagine him or his team-leading this country in a time of crisis let alone normalcy?

That is a question you will have to ask yourself and decide come this November.  Or will that be postponed or shutdown like everything else is these days.

I am asking this question because we are talking about the future of our country a country that a times is in a very volatile world.

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