Children are owed loving parents.

Yes we all wish and hope that children do have great loving parents.  The question is how do achieve that goal?

Does anyone on the left when coming up with such goals every think about how they plan on implementing a strategy to achieve their lofty goals?

Or do they just like saying things that sound great?

I am amused almost every day by people on the left of the ideological aisle.  Democrats say the darndest things, don’t they?

They are so cute when they make such statements, are they not?

I just read an article in the Daily Caller which reminded us of a paper Hillary Clinton wrote back in 1973 after she graduated from Yale Law School.

Now I could let it go if she would have written that paper while an undergraduate student, but after law school I have an issue with it.  She should have known better at that age and level of education.

She was part of a movement whose goal was to give children the rights they deserved. These activists believed that children were owed the basic rights of good living conditions and loving parents.

Again, a great goal but how do you effectively and fairly achieve that goal?

The title of her article was “Children Under The Law”, this was her attempt to address what she called childhood oppression.

Her article was published in the Harvard Education Review.  One of the statements she made in that article was “depriving people of rights in a dependency relationship” where she believe children and others are “incapable or undeserving of the right to take care of themselves and consequently need social institutions specifically designed to safeguard their position.”

Mrs. Clintons examples of people being deprived of these rights where, children, and people in marriage, slavery, and the Indian reservation system.

Now I do give her some credit, she attempt to give a solution, but one I cannot figure out, that being said is it then a solution?

Mrs. Clinton’s solution to combat this “enslavement,” as she termed it, would be to allow children to appeal their adulthood before a judge, and I guess prove to that judge that they deserve all the rights of their parents.

Mrs. Clinton went on to say that a child can sue his or her parents if he or she disagrees with them.  At that point a federal judge can step in and rule on their domestic disputes.

Nothing like clogging up our court system with teenagers who feel their parents are oppressing or enslaving them, right?

What are your thoughts about this, how could this be achieved?

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