Barring something unforeseen, Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department Detective Sgt. Steve Hinkley is a shoo-in to fill the term of departing Sheriff Matt Saxton. Hinkley is the only law enforcement professional to apply to complete the Sheriff’s term after Saxton announced his departure to lead the Michigan Sheriff’s Association. There was one other applicant but the Battle Creek Enquirer reports that man was seeking another job within the department and accidentally applied for the Sheriff's position and withdrew that application. Sheriff Saxton made it clear that Sgt. Hinkley was his top, and the only choice, to take over as Sheriff. Sgt. Hinkley will be interviewed in a public setting next week by top county leaders.  Hinkley’s wife, Kimberly Hinkley, was recently appointed to complete the term of retired Clerk Anne Norlander. Normally the clerk would be in on the panel interviewing for the Sheriff’s position. But Hinkley earlier announced she would appoint another representative from the Clerk’s office to serve on the selection panel. Sgt. Hinkley must still win a countywide election later this year to be elected to a full term as Sheriff. He has completed his election filing documentation and will be running on the Republican ticket.

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