As recreational marijuana has been legalized in Michigan the state hasn't stopped talking about it. Whether that be talking and visiting all of the new dispensaries that seem to pop up on every corner all over the state, discussing products and deals that they enjoyed, or even the wild stories such as this one.

Previously mentioned was the emergence of a large amount of recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries all over the state of Michigan, this means many more adults are using more often but also that some were out of a source of income and would have to adjust to the new game if they wanted to stay afloat. One Man in Detroit came up with a clever idea, that was working before authorities were notified of his business and shut him down.

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One of the most convenient inventions for humankind was the invention of the vending machine. Being able to stop on the go in a place like work, school, the lobby of a business, or other places you find vending machines to grab a quick and cheap snack is underappreciated. It reminds me of a drive thru store or an ATM, where you insert something and out comes something else that you need without ever having to get out of your car.

Now that marijuana has become legal to use recreationally in the state of Michigan, people have been able to easily access all type of THC and that leaves former street dealers either scrambling to keep business running or to be forced into a new line of work. One man in Detroit didn't want to change lines of work so he decided to think and work smarter than everyone else. He never had to leave the comfort of his home but was making money doing the same thing he was before.

This man was able to create, install, and running a marijuana vending machine that was attached to the side of his home. Customers would approach by car, foot, bike, and other forms of transportation to the machine. They would enter in their cash or other form of payment and select whatever product they would like. It would then be packaged and sent out the bottom of the machine for the customer to grab. This was a full proof plan until customers started posting the business on social media and other forms of internet, leading to the briefing of the authorities and an eventual arrest and closing of the business.

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