Has this world become bonkers or are there just more cameras installed in businesses and people with their cell phones taking videos?

Now we find out that some pig was upset that his credit card was denied at a gas station and took this small matter into his own hands.  This gas station is part of Detroit’s Project Greenlight.  As described by the Detroit Police Department’s website states:

On January 1st of 2016the Detroit Police Department (DPD) partnered with eight gas stations that have installed real-time camera connections with police headquarters as part of a ground-breaking crime-fighting partnership between local businesses

There are now over 500 businesses that are part of Project Greenlight that allow the police to monitor those businesses in real-time.  Last Sunday night one of those businesses was visited by an upstanding citizen who is now on video peeing on a rack of what used to be delicious snacks.  It did not end there, before he left that establishment, he decided that he wanted some of those delicious snacks he just peed on.  I assume to munch on his way home. It did not even end there before leaving the business he took the opportunity to moon the clerk on his way out the door.

It appears he thought this business was part of Project Greenlight when he asked “We on Green Light?”.

Fox 2 Detroit reported that Detroit Police Department Deputy Chief Eric Ewing said:

If he thinks this is a joke, well we'll be seeing him pretty soon.

We are told that the Detroit Police Department knows who the man/child is and are asking him to turn himself in.  They are also asking if he does turn himself in to please keep his hands above his head.

Here the pig is in all his glory.  I hear he may have even said hi Mom I'm on TV.

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