I really appreciate it when the mainstream manipulative news gives me examples of their manipulative and partisan actions and motives that I speak about almost every day I am on air.  This time it was unfortunately the Detroit News.  The Detroit News was a pretty fair news site until a few months before the last presidential election when they decided to compete with the Detroit Free Press as the most partisan paper in Michigan.

This time the Detroit News proved their partisan agenda with a piece written by Craig Mauger and titled “Michigan GOP committee removes member who called out maskless meeting”.

That piece with its slanted title came from an event that occurred over the weekend.  Last Saturday Michigan’s 6th District Republican Party had to make the difficult decision to remove their Treasurer, Jason Watts, from Allegan, due to action by Mr. Watts. Those actions are spelled out in a document titled “Violations of Bylaws by Mr. Watts” and that document stated:

“The members of the 6th Congressional District Committee seek the removal of Jason Watts from his position of treasurer for failing to fulfill his duties of the office of which he was elected by the delegates of the 6th Congressional District at the last convention.

Mr. Watts has failed to adhere to the purpose of this organization as outlined in Art. II, Sec. B & D and has engaged in behavior that is detrimental to the goals and purpose of this organization.

This behavior includes:

1. Providing false information to the committee during the past convention.

2. Providing false information to the chairman of the committee.

3. Serving as the unofficial spokesperson for the committee and attacking it publicly. 

4. Engaged in behavior harmful to the party and its purpose.

Even after numerous attempts by members of the committee to reach out and curtail this destructive behavior on the part of Mr. Watts, he continued to undermine the party.

For that reason, pursuant to Art. IV, Sec. L this committee seeks the removal of Mr. Watts.

Notice for this meeting was sent out, via electronic communication on April 14th pursuant to the 10-day notice requirement of Art. IV, Sec L.”

The GOP 6th Congressional District's executive committee voted 26-0 during that meeting to remove Jason Watts, from Allegan, as their Treasurer. 

Interesting to note nowhere in that document does it state that Jason Watts was removed as treasurer because he “called out maskless meeting”.  

You must ask yourself why would a paper that published that piece in the “news” section and not their opinion section title the piece “Michigan GOP committee removes member who called out maskless meeting"? 

Why would they not title the piece "Michigan GOP Committee removes member who provided false information to the committee"?

I reached out to Craig Mauger yesterday morning asking him that question and have not received a response as of the publishing of this article.

Not only was their contention that he was removed because he “called out maskless meeting" not in the document stating why he was being removed.   The Detroit News completely ignored, in their title, the most serious charge of “Providing false information to the committee during the past convention and “Providing false information to the chairman of the committee”.

Ask yourself why would the Detroit News do so and why would you ever trust that paper again?  Perhaps in the future when they have new management and reporters that prove they are unbiased in their reporting could you then go back to trusting what they report.

I reached out to the Chair of the GOP 6th Congressional District, Scott McGraw, for a response to these events and he sent me the following:

The 6th District committee removed Jason Watts from his role as treasurer of the district committee in a special meeting held yesterday morning by a vote of 26-0. I wish Jason the best in his future endeavors, unfortunately he will no longer serve as treasurer for us in the future.

I asked Mr. McGraw what “maskless meeting” the Detroit News and Craig Mauger were talking about and he informed me of their bi-monthly general meeting that occurred on March 25th.  The following is part of his response he sent to me:

“I believe our dinner was in full compliance with the governor’s orders. People wore masks, sat no more than six to a table and sanitized. There were times people took their masks off, but in accordance with the current restrictions in place. Every person entering the restaurant wore a mask before sitting down at a table.”

This is a perfect example of why you should search out “reporters” or in my case radio talk show host/political pundit that gives you the complete unvarnished story. Interesting that you get the entire unvarnished story from an opinion person as opposed to a “reporter”.

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