Finally, Aaron Rodgers has been traded from the Green Bay Packers to the New York Jets. No more do the likes of the Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions fans have to be subjected to his smug arrogance and begrudging Hall of Fame talent.

Still, with such a memorable exit at the hands of the Detroit Lions, it's only fair that Lions fans as well as the rest of the NFL community let their feelings be known all across social media.

That exit? Back in January, the Packers had to beat the Lions to make the playoffs. The Lions had already been eliminated thanks to the Seahawks and Rams outcome. So the Lions were playing for one cause: Make Aaron Rodgers possible last moments as the starting quarterback in Lambeau Field in front of the fans that have worshiped him for a decade and a half the most miserable possible.

The Lions delivered. The last person to catch a Green Bay pass from Aaron Rodgers? Lions safety Kerby Joseph.

After all of those years of the Packers not selecting a skill player in the first round, it's a shock that Rodgers won't effort to bring such an important player in his Packers tenure with him to New York.

Of course, Rodgers would likely have some witty retort about owning the Lions and Bears and try to use his facts like they have some bearing. The only fact that matters now is the Lions have every reason to be excited.

Look at it this way from the perspective of a snake-bitten franchise: This season, when the Lions play the Jordan Love-led Packers, it'll be the first time the Lions have played the Packers without either Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers since 1991. The Lions have started 26 different quarterbacks in that time period.

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And even if Rodgers and Packers fans could retort with talk of how he bullied the Lions and Bears for 15 years, the lone fact remains, the Rodgers-led Packers were underachievers.

Yeah, the King in the North, not the nation. Oh, wait, he's not the King in the North anymore? That was fast.

It's time for a new era in Green Bay. We don't wish you luck, Packers fans. But we do hope the last interaction between Rodgers and Jordan Love went something like this.

Meanwhile, the NFC North's entire final farewell went something like this after Rodgers's frankly abysmal 2022 campaign.

By the way, Aaron, welcome to Hell - Zach Wilson style.

Don't worry, we have to reach back and give some to Brett Favre too. After all, this does feel like 2009 all over again.

Of course, the parallels could continue much further, though honestly, we'll just root for them to stay on the field.

So long Aaron. You won't be missed.

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