Interesting that a city in so much financial turmoil seems to not have learned their lesson.

The Michigan Capitol Confidential is reporting that employees of the city of Detroit are “racking” up comp time and the city does not keep count of those hours.

Employees can take comp time at a later date (paid days off) or cash out those comp day hours when they retire.

Ok give them comp time when applicable but why not keep track of them?  What is going on in Detroit, did they not learn any lessons from the past.

When the Mackinac Center for Public Policy asked for the total amount of comp time taken to date, city officials informed them they only keep record of the current year.  How can that be true if the city is on the hook to give them days off or cash out those comp days when they retire.  How is the city to know how much each employee has accrued?

Can they not go back to each years totals and come up with a figure?

That makes no sense to me and sounds like they are either failing at record keeping or do not want the citizens, who are on the hook to pay for them, to know who much liability they actual have.

The city informed the Mac Center that it would take 10,000 hours at a cost of more than $100,000 to determine the liability.

Come on Detroit get on the ball and start on the road of financial responsibility.  We have many who believe Detroit should get complete control back from the state.  Do they still believe that?

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