An interesting move that I predicted earlier this year.  Find a few sacrificial lambs and persecute them in public.  Remember what I said last week the only thing worse than doing nothing is to do something with the intent of preventing others from doing something.

Here is a perfect example of that thought.  Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel has charged three Metro Detroit women for election fraud.  I thought the last election was the most secure in our nation’s history?  According to reporting by the Detroit News, these three women low and behold were charged with illegal absentee ballot applications and ballots submitted in the 2020 general election.

Then came the obvious coordinated statements from Nessel and Secretary of State Benson to get Michiganders to think they were and are on the job.  Nessel wrote in her statement:

“These cases highlight the scrutiny applications and ballots undergo throughout the election process, as well as the thorough investigative process that ensues when instances of attempted fraud are suspected”

The Benson followed with:

“These charges also send a clear message to those who promote deceitful claims about widespread fraud: The current protocols we have in place work to protect and ensure the integrity of our elections”

In one of the three cases a woman, Lynsey Mukomel, submitted a ballot twice and was caught after the election.

Another woman by the name of Trenae Myesha Rainey was charged with three counts of election law forgery and three counts of forging signatures on absentee ballot applications.  She filled out over 2 dozen Absentee ballot applications and forged Nursing home residents’, where she worked, signatures on those ballot applications.  Remember the over 7.7 million absentee ballot applications Benson sent out prior to the election, she was filling out those applications?

A third woman by the name of Carless Clark was charged with impersonating another to vote and election law forgery.  It is reported that she allegedly signed her grandson's Absentee mail-in ballot.

We will see where these cases go.  Remember when I reported on Sherikia Hawkins, the city clerk for Southfield Michigan who was charged with six felony counts for allegedly altering absentee ballots during the November 2018 election.  Ms. Hawkins, a registered Democrat was arraigned back in September of 2019 for:

  • falsifying returns or records
  • forgery of a public record
  • misconduct in office
  • and multiple counts of using a computer to commit a crime.

She still is awaiting her court date on those election fraud charges.

It is good that some very low-level people are being charged with the crimes of attempting to submit one to a couple of dozen illegal votes.  Everyone on the right knows that very low-level cheating occurs every year.  When you have tens of millions of voters in a general election the odds are someone has cheated.

The question people on the right have deals with possible systemic cheating that appears might have occurred.  You can have as many judges and State Senate committees hold court on what occurred last November, but if they refuse to listen to and review all of the evidence then what they did means nothing to intelligent people.

Almost all of the court cases were dismissed without looking at one piece of evidence because the judges said the election is over so it is a moot point.  The Michigan State Senate Committee’s report was issued without even questioning former State Senator Patrick Colbeck's massive amount of findings and evidence.

As I predicted AG Nessel would find a few sacrificial lambs to offer up to the “Big Lie” Gods and followers.  Does anyone really believe there were only 3 or 6 or even 100 people who cheated in the November election? If so I have a large report that looked into the Democrat's “Big Lie” that Trump was working in collusion with the Russians I can sell you for one million dollars.  By the way, this Democrat report found absolutely zero evidence that occurred.

How about I write you a report on the other Democrat “Big Lie” that the election was stolen from Hillary by President Trump, the Russians and the Republicans.  That one I will sell you for the bargain price of $500,000 dollars.

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