Many of my listeners and Michigan residents first learned of Robert Gordon, Director of Michigan’s Department of Health snd Human Services, when I reported back in September on a piece of video that left me and others stunned and almost speechless. The following video is Robert Gordon testifying for a third time before the Legislature’s Bipartisan Joint Select Committee on the COVID-19 Pandemic Response.

Really, it took 7 seconds for Robert to respond to the question:

“Why did it take so long to form a task force”

...and his response was:

“We were busy”

Back in the piece I published in September I asked the following question:

“This is who Governor Whitmer chose to lead Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services?...That is the best he could come up with?”

Well maybe Whitmer has had enough of him and told him either resign or be fired, you choose.

MLive is reporting that when asked by The New York Times if she asked him to resign she refused to answer the question. She did say:

“It has been, it has been grueling and on behalf of all the people in Michigan. I want to thank him for his service to our state”

Apparently, a reporter from WOOD-TV, Rick Albin, asked the same question again: Did she ask for Gordon’s resignation?  She snapped back to Rick with:

“I’ve answered that question”

She was referring to her New York Times interview, did it sound like she “answered that question”?  Even the mainstream media have stated that she in fact did not answer that question thus par for the course is not being transparent on much of what she does in our state government.

Sounds like there is definitely a problem in Michigan’s Liberal/Leftist land and it might have to do with the failure of Whitmer’s plan to administer the vaccine shots to Michigan residents.  She is taking some heat on the number of people actually receiving the vaccine shot as compared to what was delivered to sites in Michigan.

I thought we were told earlier that Biden wanted him to bring his expertise and superior mind and skill set to the Federal government.  We also know how failure seems to be a way to get promoted in the Federal government.

Will Biden take him now?

My bet is yes!

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