It finally here!

Ladies get your spandex, lycra, velour, and synthetic polyester out of your closet.  You may also want to consider pieces heavily adorned in sparkly sequins or gold lame.

You might even want to get that one-piece body suit dusted off.

Men get your platform shoes shined and your shiny shirts and suits out and grows some extra chest hair.


It has been about a year and on Friday April 24th I am bringing back Disco Friday.

Yes you heard that right Disco Friday.

All my bumper songs will be from the disco era.

Please join us for some fun and information on my show The Live with Renk show, which airs Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to noon, to let me know your thoughts at (269) 441-9595.

Or please feel free to start a discussion and write your thoughts in the comment section.

Do you have any suggestions for songs please let me know by leaving your suggestions in this comment section.

To get you in the mood, watch this: